At Best Cricket Store, we take pride in the quality of all our products. If your purchase from Best Cricket Store exhibits any material or craftsmanship defects, we are committed to addressing the issue and ensuring you’re ready to get back into the game.

Cricket Bat Warranty 

  • Best Cricket Store offers a warranty covering fair wear and tear on bat blades and handles for damages incurred during normal use.
  • The Warranty is covered up to 3 months from the date of purchase
  • This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from the use of ‘hard center’ or ‘concrete’ cricket balls, or substantial use with bowling machines.
  • In cases where a bat is damaged but believed not to be due to customer fault, we will either repair or replace it after an assessment by Best Cricket Store.
  • The decision to repair or replace will be at our discretion.

Causes of Damage Not Covered by Warranty:

  • Excessive use with bowling machines
  • Moisture damage in the toe/blade
  • Mis-hitting and mistiming shots
  • Dry/heat damage
  • Insufficient preparation
  • Use of cheap and hard balls
  • Severe edging
  • Severe wear and tear

Conditions of Warranty:

Slight damage such as face cracks or slight dents on bats is considered normal, as English Willow is naturally soft. However, this damage can be minimized with proper preparation, usage, and maintenance.

The warranty will be void if any of the following conditions are breached:

  1. Excessive bowling machine use: These machines can cause significant damage to bats and handles, and heavy usage will void the warranty.
  2. Water damage: Swelling of the bat’s toe due to insufficient oiling can lead to further damage, and water damage can void the warranty.
  3. Mistimed shots: Repeated misuse, such as leading edges or jamming down on a ‘yorker,’ can cause damage to the bat, and this is not covered by the warranty.
  4. Extreme heat/dry damage: Leaving the bat in high-temperature environments can dry it out and make it prone to cracks, which are not covered by the warranty.
  5. Severe wear and tear: Equipment that is worn out due to extensive use is not covered.

Please provide a proof of purchase when making a warranty claim.

Equipment Warranty

At Best Cricket Store, all protective equipment, including pads, gloves, thigh guards, bags, and more, come with a 14-day limited wear and tear warranty. We guarantee to address any faults promptly with replacement, provided proof of purchase is provided and the equipment has been properly maintained.

If a warranty replacement is required, the customer will be responsible for covering the shipping charges.

It’s essential to recognize that cricket gear may naturally exhibit wear and tear over time due to the sport’s demands. Our warranty specifically covers damage that hinders the equipment’s proper functionality, excluding normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage.

When making a warranty claim, please ensure you have proof of purchase available.