Omtex Power Ball


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Product Info

  • Omtex weighed balls are designed to improve your swing to increase hitting power and pitching speed.
  • Training with Weighted Powered Ball is improving arm speed and increase velocity when used in conjunction with an effective training program.
  • Omtex Weighted ball is composed of a pliable and squeezable material which is filled with iron sand ensuring ultra-hardness and durability, catering to your frequent daily practice.
  • It can be used solo against a wall or in a team setting.
  • As the Weighted Powered ball is heavier than a normal ball, it travels at a limited speed within a limited distance, allowing you and your team to focus on the practice without worrying about hurting anyone.
  • Omtex Weighted Powered ball makes sure that you are tracking the ball to make sure contact is made. Improves hand eye coordination with every hit.
    Also works great for catcher drills working on ball tracking and pinching the ball, work drills with or without a glove.
  • The ball weight assists in muscle memory development and provides instant feedback on every contact swing.
  • They are excellent for pre-game warm-up. The extra weight helps strengthen your muscles.