Masuri T Line Batting Gloves (2024)


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* Estimated Delivery Jun 22 - Jun 28

Masuri T Line Batting Gloves

  • Hybrid construction: split multi-flex design combined with advanced sausage finger construction for players of all levels
  • PRO FOAMS: Varied foams for 30% more impact absorption, ensuring flexibility and protection
  • THUMB CLAW: Reinforced PRO FOAM for added thumb protection without hindering movement or grip
  • WRIST BAR: Reinforced PRO FOAM shields wrist bones within the glove’s band for unrestricted play
  • META SHIELD: Targeted PRO FOAM protection for metacarpal knuckles, integrated for seamless grip
  • Sheepskin palm: Durable, breathable, offers excellent grip and bat feel
  • Elasticated wrist band: Comfortable, ergonomic fit for players
  • Crafted by Masuri, experts in cricket protection and impact-absorbing tech