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Laver & Wood Special Reserve

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Product Description

  • Laver & Wood Special Reserve English Willow Cricket Bat has long-standing, traditional shape
  • This profile benefits from a long, high spine right up through to the handle which allows for a very large hitting zone
  • A shape that is ideal for the cricket purist and touch players who love to place the ball through the gaps in the field
  • Special Reserve clefts are selected based on the only criteria – performance
  • In case of a Private Bin cleft having too many cosmetic imperfections, it will be transferred to Special Reserve
  • Similarly, if a cosmetically Grade 2 cleft performs too well, it will be upgraded to Special Reserve category
  • You might even find cosmetically stunning Grade 1 clefts which didn’t perform to the level of a Private bin will be transferred into this category but could not be sold as Grade 2
  • Defects and heartwood are common in this grade with a grain structure anywhere from 5-6 grains

Value Added Service

When you select these bats, you’re not just acquiring a top-tier product, but also benefiting from a bonus service valued at $80 with every purchase. Each bat in our collection has been meticulously hand knocked by the skilled artisan, James Laver. Don’t miss out on this outstanding opportunity to enhance your game with our superbly crafted bats.