Kollectaball K-Field Ball Pick-Up Collector


* Estimated Delivery Jul 14 - Jul 20

Product Description

  • The new-improved K-Field takes over from the last generation K-Strike
  • Kollectaball K-Field: Effortlessly collects cricket balls with enhanced design and assembly ease
  • Fastest portable ball collector, holds up to 25 cricket balls, and features a patented V-Opener for easy emptying
  • Upgraded insertion mechanism for smoother and quicker assembly, addressing common wire insertion issues
  • Includes built-in stand and hook for convenient storage on court fences
  • Safe on all surfaces without damaging turf; wires tested extensively for durability
  • Compatibility note: New K-Field Cage (green) fits original K-Strike handle; Old K-Strike Cage (orange) does not fit K-Field handle