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Gray Nicolls Tempesta 1.3 4 Star Superlite (2024)

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  • Inspired by top players like Babar Azam, offering a profile favored by club-level cricketers for power and confidence in batting.
  • Tailored for club-level players with a large mid to low sweet spot and precise weight distribution for varied playing styles.
  • Empowers club-level players with superior power, precision, and control on the field.
  • Features:
    • Profile: Large hitting area with mid to low sweet spot.
    • Face: Powercurve – Semi Rounded for optimal ping.
    • Pick up: Lower balance point for power and bat speed, innovative shaping for great pick up.
    • Edges: Large edges matching the spine.
    • Toe: Square.
    • Handle: Semi Oval.
    • Grip: Superlink Pro – High-performance maximum grip.
    • Finish: Natural.