Fusion Multi-Stump


* Estimated Delivery Jul 14 - Jul 20

Product Info

  • The Fusion Multi-Stump, cricket coaching and training aid, is aptly named due to the multiple roles it can perform
  • This revolutionary product provides the coach and player with a training aid which responds to the needs of the modern cricketer
  • It is weather resistant, durable, light, flexible and bright and due to the unique interchangeable spike or base can be easily used on grass, AstroTurf or indoor surfaces
  • The Multi-Stump was designed to provide a stump which would not be routinely broken by their fast bowlers
  • By passing a ball through the MULTI-STUMP, the ball takes a small secondary deflection through to waiting keeper and slip
  • This is ideal for keepers wishing to practice up to the stumps, but equally as useful for standing back practice
  • The Multi-Stump can also be used as a bat for nicking practice up to the stumps
  • Due to the tapered design and the properties of the material, balls pass straight through the stump
  • This means fielding drills can be run continuously without having to replace the stumps when hit
  • Varying deflections from the stumps means keeping drills can be run with the keeper stood back or stood up
  • Ideal for getting bowlers close into the stump without the fear of damaging fingers

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